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It's been fun.

Well isn't this a sight for sore eyes.

I am removing my lj. I never use it and I don't like to waste stuff so I am recycling my account and hopefully it will get turned into cyber space toilet paper or whatever. I thought I would say goodbye to all who are still around. Thanks for all your interesting (and even not so interesting) posts and for reading (or pretending to read) mine.

It was fun while it lasted. But it's time for a new chapter...

Share time....

Hows this for a one take video clip? Gives Buffy's musical a run for its money!

Before Buffy there was...


...so that only those who actually really wanna teach aren't lured into teaching by high wages. Who would go through all those years at uni, only to get paid an approx $4.50 an hour while having 30 screaming kids demanding attention for 5 hours a day, 40 weeks a year, parents using you as a babysitting service, school meetings, principals requesting proposals and all the while, the public think you are a lazy sod who gets paid while on school holidays and think you get weekends like everyone else???

Only those crazy enough to actually honestly want to teach...
For those of you in my ECJ subject, please read on after Deb's prompt (in red).

For those of you who don't know what this is about, basically during my teaching course at uni, I have been taking this unit called ECJ413. Each week for five weeks or so, there has been a prompt given to us by our lecturer which addresses our need to understand different technological mediums and how to use them as teachers. This week it's to make a blog and why not mix business with pleasure? lol

Your principal has asked you to develop a wiki or blog, which has a clear outlook and commitment to addressing the needs of all children in the school. In creating this wiki and blog, you will need to think about the role of the teacher in developing appropriate and relevant curriculum. You will also need to think about the role of the family, in supporting their children’s learning.

What are the rights of every child in your school? What are the promises you make to parents? How will you fulfil these, as teachers?


...I'll put a hyperlink: This is why I love people

Click on the video on the right hand side :)

Lyrics of the Month (August)

Should I wear my hair in a ponytail?
Should I dress myself up in chanel?
Do I measure me by what you think?
Absolutely not, absolutely not
If I go to work in a mini-skirt
Am I givin' you the right to flirt?
I won't compromise my point of view
Absolutely not, absolutely not
...but the special Bindi Urwin My Daddy thing is airing and so far has the stench of blood money written all over it. Just an excuse to produce something for Father's Day in order to jerk some tears outta ppl. It appears Bindi has been in front of the camera from the very moment she was born (even before, during Terri's labour there were cameras awaiting the birth). 

No doubt, Bindi is a damn cute baby but this rubbish is absolutely horrid. There's even an opening jingle sung by Bindi about her dad and their relationship. Very cheesy and there's no real point to it. The false appearance and obvious reading from a teleprompter gives her a fake superficial skin. Her gestures are forced and terrible to watch. Germaine Greer would be having a field day with this "documentary".

She seems happy but surely there's more to her than what we're seeing, what we're being allowed to see. She's cuter when she's at the oblivious age, before the cameras became apparent to her. Now she's tainted with album launches, TV shows and obligational contracts with the rich fat cats of this world.


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Everyone's a little bit racist
Doesn't mean we go
Around committing hate crimes.
Look around and you will find
No one's really color blind.
Maybe it's a fact
We all should face
Everyone makes judgments
Based on race.
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